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Institute of Health and Nursing Science at the Charité Berlin (IGPW)

The health and nursing sciences are comparatively young academic disciplines. Their contributions to addressing urgent health problems and community health challenges in Germany are only slowly gaining recognition. The Institute of Health and Nursing Science at the Charité Berlin is working towards the development and a greater acceptance of the two disciplines in Germany by focusing on both research and teaching including the education of the next generation of researchers.


Founded in 1963, the Institute’s original task was the academic qualification of teachers tasked with training nurses, therapists and other practitioners in the health professions. After expanding its scope of work and modernizing its mission, the IGPW today is an integrated part of the Faculty of Medicine of both Humboldt University of Berlin and Free University of Berlin and responsible for bachelor and master programs in health, education and nursing.


In the area of research, the IGPW is focusing on selected problems caused by demographic, societal, epidemiological and technological changes in the fields of health care, patient care, health education and health professions education. Of special importance is the study of the evolving roles, tasks and responsibilities of nurses, midwives and therapists in addressing identified problems as well as the development of the necessary conceptual and academic foundations.