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Qualification and Expertise

The researchers working at the Institute of Health and Nursing Science have completed their postgraduate studies in the fields of nursing, health or education, usually following the successful completion of a vocational training or undergraduate degree in a nursing or therapy profession. They also have experience in clinical practice, in management and leadership functions or with educational work in the health professions.

In addition to scientists in different qualification phases (doctoral studies or habilitation), the Institute also employs experienced researchers and university lecturers. All of the researchers at the Institute are committed to the rules of good scientific practice, as laid down in the Charter of the Charité Medical School.

In our research and development activities, we use a range of theoretical and methodological approaches, depending on the research topic and the research questions that are being examined, whereby the different researchers collaborate and supplement each other with their respective areas of expertise. Inter-professional and interdisciplinary exchange as well as a cooperative working environment are strongly emphasized and among the defining characteristics of the Institute of Health and Nursing Science.


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christiane Stock


CVK: Campus Virchow-Klinikum



Susanne Herrmann

Department Secretary

Michael Schlick, MPH

Institute Coordinator


Teacher with special responsibilities

Sandra Krah, M.A.

Teacher with special responsibilities



Visiting Scientist

Dr. Cristina Ciupitu-Plath

Senior Research Associate