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Research Interests

Interprofessional Education

Peer Assisted Learning

Focus of teaching

Education, Qualification and Training of Health Professionals

German Health Care System

Health Care Education

Qualitative Research Methods

Empirical Educational Research

Vita Doreen Herinek, M.Sc.

Education and Training
2014-2016CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin, Master of Health Professions Education
2011-2014CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin, Bachelor of Health Sciences
2011Further education for medical training, NOZ (Neuroorthopädisches Zentrum für Physiotherapie), Leipzig
2010 Further education for headache, migraine, vertigo, NOZ (Neuroorthopädisches Zentrum für Physiotherapie), Leipzig
2010Further education in kinesio taping (basic course), VPT (Verband Phsyikalische Therapie) Course Center, Dresden
2009-2011Scholarship for Further education, Foundation of Gifted Education and Vocational Education
2009Further education in lymphatic and edema therapy, Top Physio, Berlin
2006-2009Augsburger Gesellschaft für Lehmbau, Arbeit und Bildung in Leipzig e. V., Leipzig, Vocational Training, reistered Physiotherapist
Professional Experience
10/2016-present Junior research assistant, CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin, Institute of Health and Nursing Science
02/2016-03/2016Visiting scholar at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK
2012-2016Student employee, CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin, Institute of Health and Nursing Science
05/2013-12/2013 Physiotherapist working in the outpatient sector, esp. Sports & Rehabilitation
2009-2011Educator for Physiotherapists and Masseurs, Augsburger Gesellschaft für Lehmbau, Arbeit und Bildung in Leipzig e. V., Leipzig


Functions / offices

Society/Association Membership

German Association for Health Sciences and Public Health

German Association for Medical Education

German Society of University Didactic

German Society of Physiotherapy Sciences


On faculty Level:

  • Representation of research assistants on the list "Good Research and Good Teaching" of the Faculty Council
  • Elected member of the Study Commission
  • Elected member of the Centre Conference
  • Member of the network Interprofessionality (here also in the working group Outcomes)
  • Member of Appeal Committees

On institutional level:

  • Elected member of the Joint Study and Examination Committee
  • Elected member of the Institute Council
  • Member of the working group Interprofessional Learning, Teaching and Working
  • Participation in accreditations


  • Member of the Committee "Interprofessional Training" of the GMA (here head of the working group facilitators in IPE; working group organizational and personnel development, working group competencies)
  • Participation in the working group Interprofessionality of the HVG
  • Participation in the Theory development section of the DGPTW