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Gesund-studieren@Charité - Establishment of a Student Health Management System at Charité

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The overall 5 year project aims at promoting the health of the students enrolled at Charité through the health-promoting design of the campus and study environment. To reach this goal, in a first 3 year period measures and concepts for maintaining and promoting the health of students will be developed in a participatory manner with representatives from all levels and interest groups at Charité (students and student councils, teachers and faculty members, committees, and many other stakeholders). The project receives support from the Vice-Deans for Teaching and the AG SGM (Working Group for Student Health Management). Based on the results of a survey with the "Bielefeld Questionnaire on Study Conditions", the current status quo will be determined to set priorities for target group-specific approaches. Solutions for health problems of students will be developed in thematic workshops and then pilot-tested and evaluated. Student participation ensures acceptance of the measures while at the same time facilitating their long-term use.


January 2023 - December 2028


Techniker Krankenkasse (TK)

Project team members

Dr. Katrin Schulze

Research Associate (on parental leave)

Dr. Katrin Schulze