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Next Generation of Health Professions Educators

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To prepare health professionals for their diverse tasks in the future, competent educators, innovators, and educational scientists are needed. To meet this need, numerous postgraduate study programs have been developed in recent years to qualify educators in the health professions, which are increasingly multi-professional oriented (Health Professions Education). To date, the academic debate on these study programs is predominantly at a descriptive level; what is lacking is a reflexive analysis of this development. The aim of the nextHPE project is to initiate an international comparative analysis of study programs with focus on Health Professions Education and to promote international exchange on this topic.

Working results

International Round Table Discussion:

Developing Careers and Interprofessional Learning of Health Professions Educators.

Friday, August 12, 2022, 10am – 4 pm in Berlin

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Prof. Robyn Woodward-Kron (Professor in Healthcare Communication, Medical Education) - University of Melbourne

Dr. Daniëlle Verstegen (Associate Professor, Director of the School of Health Professions Education) – Maastricht University


August 2022 - August 2025


Institutional funding