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Study Objectives

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The overall objective of the study is to develop a SC/SD guideline which will be effective in promoting psychological health and quality of life among asylum-seeking adolescents in Germany Based on this ground notions and aims, our study will focus on the following three specific objectives: 

1.    The FIRST objective is to study self-care and self-development needs assessment among asylum-seeking adolescents in Germany 

2.    The SECOND objective is to develop an interventional guideline aiming at improving the psychological health, coping mechanisms as well as social and emotional adjustment of asylum-seeking adolescents through a multi-stage study. This guideline will be based on an in-depth and people-centered health and well-being approach that is supported by the key principles of ethics, culture and gender dimension. 

3.    The THIRD objective is to finalize the guideline development by assessing its fidelity and inter-rater reliability with the collaboration of a related interdisciplinary panel.